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  • Use the bestCourse4Me Course Finder for University Clearing 2016 (the next box down on this page) to get a list of universities that have previously taken students with your grades for your subject. This doesn't mean they will take those grades this year, but call them first.
  • Use the main bestCourse4Me website to see more details on the suggested universities and their entrance requirements.
  • Go to UCAS or The Telegraph for the latest list of universities with Clearing places available.
  • Scroll down past the Course Finder to see how University Clearing works.
  • This site is optimised for Clearing. See below before using it for Adjustment

Select your A levels and grades. For qualfications other than A levels, please convert the qualifications into the nearest equivalent A level subjects and grades.

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We only list universities that have recently accepted students with your grades for your degree subject. Universities requiring the highest grades are at the top of the list, those asking for lower grades are at the bottom.

We use A level grades to select universities. This is less accurate for Scottish universities and Conservatoires. The results are based on past students and do not guarantee a place this year. A university might need extra things beyond A levels, such as experience, and wherever your grades are borderline we have kept the university in the list.

This also doesn't mean that all of the universities have places in Clearing. For the latest list of universities with Clearing places, visit UCAS or The Telegraph.

If you're interested in how the Course Finder works, see this short article.

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How Does Clearing Work?

University clearing is a path into university if:

  • No offers were made by your original Uni choices
  • Come results day you didn’t quite do as well as you had hoped.
Do not worry, this does not necessarily mean you cannot work towards a degree. The clearing process opens from early July to help with those with no offers or applying late. On A Level results day (18th August 2016 or 9th August 2016 in Scotland) students can apply for a clearing place on a course based on the results they achieve.

First, double check the UCAS Track to see if your first and second choice Universities have decided to accept you, offer you the option to change your course or not based on your grades and UCAS Tariff points. If they have not this is where university clearing comes in to help you still work towards a degree in your chosen field.

If you know what type of degree you would like to study use our Course Finder to see what universities offer that degree with your grades.

How to Apply through University Clearing?

When applying through clearing there are a few pointers you need to make sure you follow to process your clearing application:

  • Students will need to wait until they receive their grades on A-Level results day. The universities will need you to verify your grades, either through UCAS or by sending your results directly to them.
  • Students cannot apply through clearing if they have a conditional firm (Seen as CF in your UCAS Track) or conditional insurance (CI in UCAS Track). If you have changed your mind with regards to your course or University choice you will need to reject your first and second choice offers before you can formally apply through the clearing process.
  • Contact the university where you would like to study your degree to see if they have vacancies on the course you would like to apply for. It is important to speak with the institution to see if they will consider you before you apply. For the most up-to-date clearing vacancies see UCAS, however be aware that these places get filled relatively quickly.
  • Once you are provisionally offered a place through university clearing you will usually be given a date by which time you need to enter the course details in UCAS’ Track. The university will not be able to formalise the offer until:
    • The university knows your Personal ID and Clearing Number (shown in your UCAS Track)
    • The student has put the course details in UCAS Track

Similarly to how you choose your options for where you would like to go to university the first time around, students are able to contact many universities to see their clearing options. However only one course can be entered in UCAS Track for your clearing option to be processed.

Use our Course Finder to see Universities that have accepted people with your grades recently and use these as a starting point to see which universities to call.

How Do We Select Universities For You?

For anyone interested in how we select which universities to show...

If you're not interested in this just return to the Course Finder

  • We start with the list of all unis that have courses in your subject, and look at the A levels held by students who have been accepted onto this course since 2010. We do look at other qualifications beside A levels: we count Scottish Advanced Highers as the same as A levels, and include other qualifications if they are in a single subject, and we can find a UCAS tariff that allows us to compare their grades to A level grades.
  • We check whether any of the universities require specific A level subjects. We say they do if at least 80% of students on the course have that A level.
  • If any do, we check you have that subject
  • In any required subjects, we check that your grades are at least as good as those held by the bottom 30% of students
  • In any other subjects (apart from any that are required for your course) we check that you have enough A levels, and that the grades in each are at least as good as those held by the bottom 30% of students.
  • If the university doesn't match your A levels on any one of these checks, it is not listed.
  • This would set the entrance grades lower than most universities would actually accept, so we compare all your A level grades with those held by 50% of students. If 2 of your subjects are below that 50% level, we keep that university in the list, but if all three are low, we remove it.
  • This should list universities where there is a reasonable chance you could get any Clearing places they have available. It is not a guarantee, because we have no way of knowing what other students are achieving this year, or how many Clearing places a university may have.
  • Finally we take the list of possible universities and sort them in order of the A level grades they have accepted in the past. We weight the grades for required subjects more heavily that those for 'extra' subjects. We show them in the Course Finder with the universities requiring higher grades at the top of the list, and those accepting lower grades at the bottom of the list.
Nothing's perfect, but we believe this gets the widest possible set of realistic options for you.


  • The Course Finder is set up for Clearing, and shows every university where there is a chance of acceptance.
  • For adjustment you can use this as a starting point, but use the main bestCourse4Me website to check there is a high chance of acceptance.
  • Take advice before trying to adjust your place.

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